Application Forms

The process for certifying your products involves a fast yet comprehensive series of procedures which are designed to be quick and efficient. The process includes the following steps:

1) Complete and return the attached application.

2) Upon review, CHK will examine areas of concern that may exist.

3) Once the concerns have been addressed, CHK will dispatch a rabbi to visit your facility and determine what steps will be necessary to grant kosher certification. The rabbi will be looking to see the following:

    a) That all of the ingredients appearing on the initial application are indeed the same as the ingredients found in your storeroom.

    b) The condition of the facility. Cleanliness, storage practices and production methods are of vital importance.

    c) In the event that there are non-kosher ingredients (used in the manufacture of products that will not be certified by us), the rabbi will determine if there are any risks of cross contamination or compatibility issues and address them accordingly.

4) CHK prepares and mails a contractual agreement when all necessary requirements have been met.

5) A kosher certification letter is granted upon receipt of a signed contract and payment. The certification fee is based on low administrative overhead, initial set-up costs, travel expenses (if any), and supervision costs. Under no circumstances is the fee linked to a percentage of sales or labels printed.

This, then, entitles your company to display the federally registered symbol of CHK on any of your products or facilities certified in the letter.

Although it is difficult to estimate the certification fee prior to our receiving the completed application, nevertheless, as previously mentioned, CHK is committed to remaining flexible and economical. Many of the companies that are certified will tell you, kosher doesn’t cost…it pays!


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